Monday, May 17, 2010


For most Americans, it seems like like the Italian destinations are Rome, Venice, maybe Tuscany....  But Sardinia is where Italians go on vacation.  And that's where I went for a statistics/machine learning conference.  Absolutely great place for a conference, though I do wish it had been late may or june instead of early may. 

Ok, just to start with the basics, here's the view(s) off of my room's patio:

This early in the season, there wasn't a lot to do but walk up and down the beach.  But it was so gorgeous,

And look at the color of the water once the sun came out:

Now there has to be at least one photo with me in it to prove I really was there:

The laguna that Chia Laguna resort is named for

Of course, I couldn't be in the middle of all this beauty and not pull out my paints

From Sardegna

(There were really funky plants in Sardinia, I'll post those pictures next.)

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